✨Terms And Conditions✨

    • Please be reminded we strictly have a no cancellation policy.
    • Buyer will shoulder delivery fee/shipping fee (unless they have availed a free shipping/delivery promo). Deliveries for Cebu addresses are Mondays - Saturdays from 9:00AM - 5:00PM
    • Payment is NON REFUNDABLE.
    • We have a no return and refund policy UNLESS we made the mistake of sending you the wrong (model/color/etc) item. Please be sure to check if your unit is correct before putting an order in
    • We can not fully refund or exchange products bought during any sales or promotions.

Thank you.

Shipping Disclaimer: We are not liable for any delays and lost or damaged parcels. It is out of our control once the parcel is handed to the courier for shipping. To avoid delays and lost parcels please make sure the delivery details (name, address, and number) are complete and CORRECT. Thank you

Delivery Disclaimer: Failure to accept the item and/or calls & texts from the messenger (when he’s in the area of delivery) will result into x2 of delivery fee.